Saturday, November 26, 2011

I made it!!!

I finally reached my destination! I had a great 'orphan' thanksgiving at the international hostel where I got to share a delicious feast with lots of different people, of all ages and ethinicities. I met a few people from Sydney Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Ashville, and California. Most were here just visiting for vacation, but there were a few who were also relocating to Portland. We had a fun time getting to know one another, exchanging stories, and discussing various topics of conversation! I spent all of Sunday with one of the guys from Australia just walking around and exploring the Alberta Arts district. It was a neighboorhood of Portland I didn't get the chance to see on my previous visit, and I feel in love with the area. It had a more ginuine quirky/artsy feel to Portland's unique character. I decided that Alberta Arts district was where I definently wanted to find an apartment! I have met with a few people and still have a few more to meet with before I make a decision about my living situation. Most of my options are temporary, subleting for 1-3 months until I figure out a more permanent place and a good roomate match. Everyone I have met so far has been super nice! As I am walking, traveling, and roaming throughout the streets, it already feels like 'home'. I am so excited to be here and be able to call this my new home. I really think I am going to love it here and I can't wait to have my family and friends come to visit (after I am settled and actually have a home : )) Portland couldn't be a more perfect place for me to be right now! Although I am having a blast, I do still miss everyone back at home. I love yall and thank you for all of your prayers to keep me safe. Please keep me in your prayers about my living and job situation! I know God will take care of me, like he has always promised! : )  

Here are some pictures of what I saw today. I spent the morning browsing around the Saturday Market, which is basically the red river revel.....except its every saturday. There was lots of neat hand made and local crafts being sold. I had a fun time exploring!

These are hand-made soap truffules!
Gigantic cookies!!!
Cute little girl getting a feather put into her hair! Little hipster!
I couldn't resist...they do love bunnies here, I saw one outside of someone's house yesterday....made me miss black-jack and snow balls : (
The community Christmas tree lit up in Pioneer Square
Wish you were here mom!

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