Sunday, November 27, 2011

I found a temporary place to call home!

God is good! This morning, while I was enjoying my morning breakfast, I got a text from Emily [whos ad I responded to on craigslist] about my coming over today to meet her and her roomates and see their house. I had an appointment to come by tomorrow, but they were all available today! So I caught a bus over to the Alberta Arts District to go check it out. They had a lovely home and we all made great conversation in their living room for about an hour. I got to give them my background story and tell them all my friends and family back home. I also told them about Dixie and its very special and unique environment I got to grow up in and be close to my family. They were very interesting people that come from similar backgrounds, coming from good families. So, here's a shout to my Aunt Paige & Aunt Claire...I think you would approve because they are acceptional people! Maybe you could meet them on skype one day : )

Emily (whos room I'd be taking) is 31 and a letterpress printer, and the roomates are Willoughby (Will) who is 25 and a cook by trade and also maintains an extensive garden during the growing season, Michael is 28 and is an enthusiastic brewer/fermenter who plays the mandolin. There house is in the Alberta Arts district, right where I want to be...close to unique shops and resturants within an art community. Here is the link to some pictures of their house they had posted on the ad:

I am pretty excited about it! I will be staying there Dec 3- March 13, which gives me enough time to find a job and figure out a more permanent living situation. I will be staying at the hostel until then...A friend of mine that I made here are going some gospel event together tomorrow. It's so fun to make new friends and experience new things! I couldn't be happier! : ) Love and miss you all!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just go for it!!!

After going through the Saturday market, I started to brainstorm and try to think up some ideas for what I could possible make and sell at the market. Something that would give me some extra cash on the weekends. After leaving the market and walking over the Burnside bridge, I started taking pictures of various urban 'findings' like I normally do, things that inspire me...such as graffiti, posters, sidewalk signs, storefront signs, street signs, and a various pieces of urban furniture. All of these things help me to construct a collective and 'raw' image of the city; ultimately creating a 'psychogeograpical' map or collage. While I was shooting photos, I started to wander what it would be like to see some of the reoccuring colors and textures of the city seperated from one another; collectively concentrated into one composition. So, today I picked the color blue. Here are all of my random findings...this is just a rough taxonomy of all the images I took, I will take these photos and items I found along the street to create a collage/painting. The other colors I will do are red, yellow, orange, green, grey, and black/white. Each day will have it's on color (aka) one color for everyday of the week. I figured this could be a fun daily exercise for me to walk around and take photos and look for found objects within a specific color field. On Saturdays I could either sell my collages as a collection or individually. Well see how popular they are...I figured it was worth a shot! Ill let you all see the final product whenever I finish them. First, I need my own room so I can have some space to work...which will be very soon!

I made it!!!

I finally reached my destination! I had a great 'orphan' thanksgiving at the international hostel where I got to share a delicious feast with lots of different people, of all ages and ethinicities. I met a few people from Sydney Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Ashville, and California. Most were here just visiting for vacation, but there were a few who were also relocating to Portland. We had a fun time getting to know one another, exchanging stories, and discussing various topics of conversation! I spent all of Sunday with one of the guys from Australia just walking around and exploring the Alberta Arts district. It was a neighboorhood of Portland I didn't get the chance to see on my previous visit, and I feel in love with the area. It had a more ginuine quirky/artsy feel to Portland's unique character. I decided that Alberta Arts district was where I definently wanted to find an apartment! I have met with a few people and still have a few more to meet with before I make a decision about my living situation. Most of my options are temporary, subleting for 1-3 months until I figure out a more permanent place and a good roomate match. Everyone I have met so far has been super nice! As I am walking, traveling, and roaming throughout the streets, it already feels like 'home'. I am so excited to be here and be able to call this my new home. I really think I am going to love it here and I can't wait to have my family and friends come to visit (after I am settled and actually have a home : )) Portland couldn't be a more perfect place for me to be right now! Although I am having a blast, I do still miss everyone back at home. I love yall and thank you for all of your prayers to keep me safe. Please keep me in your prayers about my living and job situation! I know God will take care of me, like he has always promised! : )  

Here are some pictures of what I saw today. I spent the morning browsing around the Saturday Market, which is basically the red river revel.....except its every saturday. There was lots of neat hand made and local crafts being sold. I had a fun time exploring!

These are hand-made soap truffules!
Gigantic cookies!!!
Cute little girl getting a feather put into her hair! Little hipster!
I couldn't resist...they do love bunnies here, I saw one outside of someone's house yesterday....made me miss black-jack and snow balls : (
The community Christmas tree lit up in Pioneer Square
Wish you were here mom!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Now, where to???

I have finally reached a point in my journey where I can say I honestly feel removed from daily rituals and routines. I have no destination, no concept of time, and nowhere I 'need' to be with no 'one' waiting on me. I feel like a kite in the wind...As I have been traveling, I am surrounded by people who are in constant flux......coming + going, in + out, and moving to + from place to place; and here I am asking myself...what next, where to? Although I have enjoyed my 'unpredictable' experiences, being constantly surrounded by new places, new people, and new things can become overwhelming and sometimes exhausting. I am putting forth my best effort to try and embrace the uncertainty each new day brings and allow myself to be spontaneous! That was my full intention for this allow myself to let go and live freely! I figured this could be a good way to start my new beginnings...after 5 years of relentless hard work and dedication to my school work while also relieving myself from the disappointment of not finding a job! I've managed to escape the reoccuring question that I tried to avoid having to answer because it left me feeling depressed, self-conscious, and unaccomplished.

Lately, I have started my days not knowing what they may have in store. I have just played it by ear, and let my emotions drive my 'drift'. This freedom has provided me time to seperate myself; time to search and discover myself as an artist/architect and look for ways I can use my skills/talents to glorify God. My daily motive is to listen to God speak to me in spirit and in truth as He introduces me to new experiences, ideas, and encounters throughout the day.

I am ashammed to admit how dependent I have been on technology throughout my travels. Instead of using a physical road atlas to navigate from place to place, and instead of going door to door to shop around for cheap hotel rates; I have been using the support/services of my 'tom-tom', 'priceline', and 'cellular device'. In this digital age, our generation doesn't know how to operate without the convenience of our electronic tools. Before all of these helpful new 'digital' tools existed people got around just fine. Why couldn't I have a little more faith in myself and my abilities to get around without them? My grandparents did it, why couldn't I? In order to put forth an honest effort to seperate yourself from these conviences, you must be willing to take risks. I have fould myself feeling slightly uneasy or helpless within these 'unknown' territories whenever I don't have internet access to facilitate my needs to search, browse. Although these may be extremely helpful tools, I feel like they take away from gaining a full experience of place.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Week San Francisco...

My extended stay in San Francsico is now coming to an end. I had such a wonderful time exploring and familiarizing myself within the city to where I wasn't ready for my departure. I wanted to stay a little longer...I'd consider living here one day! I just started feeling comfortable navigating throughout the streets, discuising myself as a 'local'. I spent most of my time walking around, taking pictures, and creating a 'psychogeographical map' as I drifted about the city streets. This was a great opportunity for me to put my thesis research to the test and gain a full experience of the various modes circulation. I got to see which attractions had an influence on how we navigate throughout urban environments.


Friday, November 18, 2011

My home away from home

The first 2 nights I was in San Francisco I was accomplained by my friend David. We spent our first night at a hostel and our second at a hotel right in the heart of Chinatown. After David left for Dallas, I spent one more night at our hotel and for the remander of the trip I subleted someone's apartment for 4 nights. I found Nicole's place was available for a 4 night sublet (Nov 16-19) posted on craigslist. Her apartment was adorable, it was a perfect fit for me! It was decorated with a lot of character, with an artistic and quirky feel. I couldn't have asked for a better place to call home for a few days. I went to the market and grabbed some groceries so I could cook for myself. Everything in her house was fresh and organic, go figure!