Sunday, November 27, 2011

I found a temporary place to call home!

God is good! This morning, while I was enjoying my morning breakfast, I got a text from Emily [whos ad I responded to on craigslist] about my coming over today to meet her and her roomates and see their house. I had an appointment to come by tomorrow, but they were all available today! So I caught a bus over to the Alberta Arts District to go check it out. They had a lovely home and we all made great conversation in their living room for about an hour. I got to give them my background story and tell them all my friends and family back home. I also told them about Dixie and its very special and unique environment I got to grow up in and be close to my family. They were very interesting people that come from similar backgrounds, coming from good families. So, here's a shout to my Aunt Paige & Aunt Claire...I think you would approve because they are acceptional people! Maybe you could meet them on skype one day : )

Emily (whos room I'd be taking) is 31 and a letterpress printer, and the roomates are Willoughby (Will) who is 25 and a cook by trade and also maintains an extensive garden during the growing season, Michael is 28 and is an enthusiastic brewer/fermenter who plays the mandolin. There house is in the Alberta Arts district, right where I want to be...close to unique shops and resturants within an art community. Here is the link to some pictures of their house they had posted on the ad:

I am pretty excited about it! I will be staying there Dec 3- March 13, which gives me enough time to find a job and figure out a more permanent living situation. I will be staying at the hostel until then...A friend of mine that I made here are going some gospel event together tomorrow. It's so fun to make new friends and experience new things! I couldn't be happier! : ) Love and miss you all!

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