Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just go for it!!!

After going through the Saturday market, I started to brainstorm and try to think up some ideas for what I could possible make and sell at the market. Something that would give me some extra cash on the weekends. After leaving the market and walking over the Burnside bridge, I started taking pictures of various urban 'findings' like I normally do, things that inspire me...such as graffiti, posters, sidewalk signs, storefront signs, street signs, and a various pieces of urban furniture. All of these things help me to construct a collective and 'raw' image of the city; ultimately creating a 'psychogeograpical' map or collage. While I was shooting photos, I started to wander what it would be like to see some of the reoccuring colors and textures of the city seperated from one another; collectively concentrated into one composition. So, today I picked the color blue. Here are all of my random findings...this is just a rough taxonomy of all the images I took, I will take these photos and items I found along the street to create a collage/painting. The other colors I will do are red, yellow, orange, green, grey, and black/white. Each day will have it's on color (aka) one color for everyday of the week. I figured this could be a fun daily exercise for me to walk around and take photos and look for found objects within a specific color field. On Saturdays I could either sell my collages as a collection or individually. Well see how popular they are...I figured it was worth a shot! Ill let you all see the final product whenever I finish them. First, I need my own room so I can have some space to work...which will be very soon!

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