Saturday, November 5, 2011

Backpacking the Grand Canyon

Hello family. All is well here in Page, AZ. David and I are currently in-between trips. We just got done backpacking in the Grand Canyon and today we are headed off to Bryce & Zion. The Grand Canyon was AMAZING! At first glance, it took my breath away. I was mesmerized, standing in awe of this incredible landscape. Having only seen it in photos [anxiously waiting for the chance to see it in person], I couldn't believe I was actually experiencing it with my own eyes! As we started backpacking, every step we took deeper into the canyon and every step corner we turned offered a variety of beautiful views into this ever-growing landscape. Seeing the panorama view of the whole canyon from the top of the rim almost felt two-demensional. It was hard to grasp the vast depth of the canyon until we began our hike. The more we hiked in, the smaller I felt. You can easily begin to feel lost within, as it appears to be never-ending.

I enjoyed the feeling of being completely removed from the mundane activities of everyday life and simply appreciate God's great gift. This is a place where I felt lead to pray, meditate, and experience the Holy Spirit by listening to God speak throughout the beautiful landscpae he carved with his bare hands. This was a great way to begin the journey God has in store for me. I am excited about all of the opportunities ahead and where his will may lead me. In the meantime, I am listening for how He wants me to follow and obey His perfect plan. Thank you for all of your prayers! I feel so blessed to have such an incredible family! I love and miss you all dearly!

Here are a few photos of my trip so far....

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  1. Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Miss you.

    Aunt Paige